Industries we focus on

  At Shrama Technologies we focus and creating a Ubiquitous Network solution using different technologies applicable to different applications. We work on an open system architecture providing flexibility to integrate different technologies at different layers.


Smart Cities



 Smart city solutions are designed to serve the citizens to improve the quality of life. The other key aspect of Smart Cities is effective use of resources while also making city operations more efficient. 

To achieve Smart city stack holders needs new services which rely on the smart and ubiquitous modern networking infrastructure which helps enables continuous connections with new classes of intelligent devices for improved decision making. 

Smart Utilities


 The Utilities (Water, Gas and Electricity) are getting connected and smarter than ever, but true potentials are yet to be achieved. Today, smart utilities across different countries getting connected at a very rapid speed which increases the security threat as well. At Shrama Technologies we work on creating a Network Solution to help solve the pressing issues like reliable, scalable, resilient and secure network to unlock the value within critical infrastructure—including electricity, gas, water and city networks. 

The ubiquitous network architecture enables seamless integration and coordination across numerous stakeholders within your utility, speeding time to value and maximizing return on investment.

Industrial IOT


   The Industrial IoT represents a variety of IoT applications in manufacturing and business. While IoT solution for consumers and utilities have got much attention, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) also have a huge opportunity for business to provide goods and services in more efficient, innovative and revolutionary ways. Industry 4.0 is getting much attention which includes IIOT where Industries can benefit from IIoT solutions. IIOT solution may include manufacturing, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, healthcare, logistics, transportation, and agriculture.